The “next” chapter.

Since I’ve been posting about my anxiety for the past two Thursdays in a row and actively decided to be more open about it, the other day one of my best friends told me I should keep it up, but under the guise of #FeelWhateverYouWantThursday (lol). I thought about it, and realized he was right. So hopefully I’ll be able to give you guys somewhat of a bigger picture of what I (and others) go through on the day to day, and my process of learning that even though living with depression and GAD is difficult, they don’t have to define me.
12032246_10153280543350939_6690575546801485643_nThis message here is something I’ve been struggling with a lot. Lately I find myself sitting at home or at work just thinking about people or things in the past that have hurt me, or made me think less of myself. I think due to that we sometimes tell ourselves that we don’t deserve success or good things in the future, and honestly that’s the dumbest rule ever, not only because it’s not true, but because it keeps us from moving forward.
Not everything about every chapter is bad — and that’s certainly the case for me — but for some reason anxiety likes to hold onto the bad and squeeze real tight. Holding onto the bad has led me toward a lot of situations where I didn’t take care of myself very well, and I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t feeling stuck in one of those situations right now. It’s just a matter of having the patience to get through it (which, quite frankly, has the tendency to suck), and doing what my #LadyCrush & #WomanCrushEveryDay Kate Walsh would do: “Just look in the mirror and say to yourself ‘you’re so cute I can’t even stand it!’ tell no one, & go about your day.” 💕FullSizeRender-2



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